Electric cars still waiting for a spark of innovation

Posted: April 14, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in News


Big batteries are weighing down electric vehicles and it’s unlikely
that subsidies can lighten that load to make them
a viable non-polluting alternative

By Sopan Joshi                  [ Published in TEHELKA magazine ]

IT’S BEEN more than a year since the National Council for Electric Mobility was set up. Its recommendations are expected any time now. There is considerable excitement on whether an income tax rebate will be suggested for owners of electric vehicles. The Centre sees it as a way to reduce dependence on imported petroleum products.

Electric vehicles get subsidies and government support across the world because they don’t pollute; in India, it is limited to a cash subsidy of 20 percent on the purchase of an electric vehicle. Even the Indian government is aware of the need to offer more incentives for electric vehicles, as they haven’t quite been a runaway success in our country. Which is…

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