How To Retrieve Your Phone Number Without Calling Customer Care

Posted: April 14, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Mobile Tips & Tricks

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Have you ever faced the following situation— You have lost your mobile number, You have no balance in your account, you can neither make calls nor message, You’re SUCKED OFF!!

In this situation, you can do two things:

1. You can go to retailer’s shop, buy a Recharge Voucher, recharge your phone yourself and make a call, Retrieve your number. 

Butttttt, being a smart dude…, you can do something better than this…. Follow the Second Procedure

2. Dial the numbers from your phone….

(a) For Vodafone — Dial *111*2# or *555#

(b) For Reliance GSM— Dial *1#

(c) For Aircel— Dial *888# or *1#

(d) For Docomo— Dial *1# or *124#

(e) For Virgin GSM— Dial *1#

(f) For IDEA— Dial *789#

(g) For Airtel— Dial *140*1600# or *140*6575#

The Numbers may vary from Zone to Zone… Try both numbers out……

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