I.G.I – 2: Covert Strike -compressed (240 MB) !!!

Posted: April 14, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in PC Games


IGI 2 Covert Strike wallpaper

I.G.I – 2: Covert Strike is the sequel to Innerloop’s Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In. This game is a stealth-based first person shooter.

The story of this first person shooter moves around David Jones, an agent for I.G.I. (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) and former British SAS operator. The game is divided into about 20 missions, and the story is presented in cut scenes, shown before and after every mission, with animated characters rendered in real-time and pre-recorded speech. Straight-forward tactics are not encouraged, with stealthy and covert movement giving the player a better rating, rank and chance of survival, with the highest attainable ranking entitled David Jones. Multiple paths exist for every mission, with the most obvious and daunting being a noisy gun-fight, because in every mission Jones is outnumbered anywhere from 20-1 up to 50-1. Every mission presents an opportunity for large groups of enemies to be bypassed or sneaked…

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