Knowledge communities + Google Books

Posted: April 14, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in News

The Social Media Journal

Previously at The Social Media Journal, we got into a discussion about Google+ and what too many social media accounts meant for us as users. But upon further reflection we realised this was more than just another social media account. The line between social media and knowledge communities is somewhat dotted and blurry. When does one cross over to another?  We aren’t sure here, which is why we’re going to discuss it!

Essentially the whole debate about convergence culture and knowledge communities is all about sharing ideas and concepts MUCH like that of a social network. We even have friends and groups just like Twitter or Facebook.

The public sphere plays a big part in this. Habermas questioned whether or not more information created a more informed society? Or does it just create the scope to develop elitist groups and prejudice.  It seems information is at the heart of our…

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