Use USB, SD Card as RAM & Speed UP PC.

Posted: April 14, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Computer Tricks


*****Mega POST***********
Use USB, SD Card as RAM & Speed UP PC.

Hello Guys, This is one of my favorite Trick to boost up the speed of your PC. After reading this post you can use your USB Flash Drive or SD card to get ultimate speed of your PC.
We will make your USB or SD card to act as RAM and it will increase space for Cache memory.
… Cache memory is a small memory in between CPU and Main memory which stores that files which are frequently used by a user.
Windows 7 users get Readyboost software by default in their windows.
But Windows XP users need to install Ebooster and its too easy. Now just follow me up:
Note : Same Procedure is for SDCard.

Windows 7 Users:
1>> Insert your Flash Drive into USB .
2>> Select the option ” Speed UpMy System ” in…

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