Before the Fight Started – Halo: Reach

Posted: April 23, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Games


War is not a light subject. Its portrayal has always been a controversial subject, but it’s more profitable than anything else out there in the game world. Halo:Reach is one such game, but the way it handles the subject is one of grace, melancholy, and strange beauty.


            Reach is a beautiful game. The skyboxes have always been Halo’s calling card, but the game doesn’t skimp on detail elsewhere. The landscape is amazing, full of soaring cliffs and futuristic cities- the lighting engine does a great job of setting the mood while looking fantastic.

Perhaps the greatest achievement graphically is that the game has color which for an FPS, is prettyrare. The color helps to fill out the sci-fi setting in ways that the brown-and-bloom style ofrivalgames just can’t. Combining the color with the lighting produces some pretty spectacular fields of…

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