10 Awesome Computer Tips Everyone Should Know

Posted: May 30, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in News

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Here are some useful tricks to help you be a more efficient and knowledgeable computer user:

  1. Windows+L: Locks your computer
  2. Windows+P: Quickly sets up a second screen and/or monitor
  3. Windows+D: Minimize all open windows
  4. Windows+Tab: Switch windows
  5. Control+F: Opens a search box where you can search through text on a web page or document
  6. Control+Enter: Wraps whatever you type into a browser with the “http://www”  before and “.com” after it
  7. Control+Shift+N: Opens up incognito mode in Google Chrome
  8. Click on your mouse wheel to open a link in a new tab
  9. When you install something, watch what you’re doing instead of just NEXT, NEXT, NEXT through everything. A lot of programs will install annoying toolbars by default, which take up space on your screen and are difficult to remove.
  10. Utilize programs such as CCleaner  and Defraggler to keep your computer running in optimal condition.

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