Getting access to some of the CCTVs

Posted: May 30, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Hacking

Parikshit Prasai's Blog

well, this is not a particularly new topic and not exactly a magnificent achievement, but yeah, you can take control of some CCTVs around the world and google helps you do that! Just follow the following steps:

1. Fire up

2. Search for : “inurl:view/index.shtml” (without quotes ofcourse)

3. Search for your desired link.

4. Watch.


You can even take complete control of some cameras. You can pan them, zoom in or zoom out, adjust retina, toggle nightvision on (if available), take a snapshot, and all other sorts of thing. This is not exactly legal, and I will not be held responsible for any mischief you perform!


Happy spying!

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