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Mobile OS Smackdown: Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS vs. Android

Posted: May 8, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Android


The iPhone and Google Android devices had a few years to refine their user interface and features, which gave them plenty of time to get ahead of Microsoft’s ailing Windows Mobile OS. But in a swift turn of events, Microsoft came up with a totally new user interface for the Windows Phone 7 OS, which will arrive onmultiple phones November 8.

But Microsoft had to build Windows Phone 7 from scratch, which means that, if it was not to suffer a significant delay in release, the new mobile operating system had to leave out several features that we now take for granted on our smartphones. At the same time, though, Microsoft brings a few interesting new elements to the table with Windows Phone 7, elements that some of you might prefer over the usability of an iPhone or an Android phone.

We’ve looked at the main differences…

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Smartphone Sync…Yes, and Google [Review]

Posted: April 27, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Android

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Google has been a huge part of our world. One thing that Google has never done is create a software for desktop syncing. Apple has iTunes, and Microsoft has Zune. Not many

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