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  • Abortion: The Myths, the Realities, and the Arguments, by Germain Grisez (New York, Cleveland: Corpus Books, 1970). Available in PDF format at The Way of the Lord Jesus (copyright 2009). [N.B., The book provides a history and summary of the abortion issue. The webpage states: “Because Grisez… published it before Roe v. Wade, much of its content is out of date… However, some parts of this book remain relevant and sound, and careful readers may find them useful.”]

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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Rating: 5 stars

Nine hundred years ago in the land of Pozhar, Zhar Ptitsa, god of souls and rebirth, nearly destroyed all his people in a fit of rage.  To stop him, a mage broke him into 1,000 pieces and scattered them into the souls of people present and not yet born throughout the land.  Now the world is dying. For some the only way to save it is to resurrect the Lost Gods.  For others, they would sacrifice everything, including themselves, to make sure that never happens.

The Sacred Texts call those whose souls carry  pieces of the god  Vessels. The  people of Pozhar so fear the rebirth of Zhar Ptitsa, that they have systematically hunted down and sacrificed the Vessels through the years.  As one Vessel is thrown on the flames, another is called into awareness by magical means. One by one, nine hundred and ninety eight Vessels…

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The Beach Diaries 2012 – #1 : [Ebooks]

Posted: May 22, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in EBooks, News

Frantic Planet dot blog

*  So here we are. Season Two. The sequel. Will this go darker and better, like Empire Strikes Back, or shit all over the legacy of the beloved original like some kind of stumbling, literary Nicole Richie? Last year, it was just a thing that I did, but 2012 brings with it the weight of expectation from both sides. Will things change, now that this has pushed aside the Frantic Planets to become my ‘brand’? Now that I know people are watching, will I twirl my hair and push out my chest like a pretty girl whose football captain crush is stealing glances through the gaps in his locker door? Hopes and expectations rely on the randomness of people, and all the wonderful, terrible things that they do. Onward, then, and let’s see what lay ahead this summer.

Driving past the seafront last night, I saw the…

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Safe Harbor : [EBOOKS]

Posted: May 22, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in EBooks, News

Moving Target

There’s nothing I like better than knowing that Safe Harbor is in readers’ hands. After all, I wrote it to read. And those of you haven’t done so yet can download the ebook FREE of charge today, tomorrow and Thursday. Just click here.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

If you do – and even if you don’t – please leave a comment on my blog. I’d love to hear from you.

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Three Thirds is Downloadable

Posted: April 27, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in EBooks, News

Joe Sullivan

Today you can get Three Thirds as an eBook from Amazon for the Kindle. In the coming days, it should also be up as an eBook for the Nook on Barnes & Noble and other e-reader formats. I wrote it when I was a kid, but it still holds a warm place in my heart.

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Book Feature – “Dead and Beyond” by Jayde Scott

Posted: April 27, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in EBooks

Writer's Block Party!

Dead and Beyond by Jayde Scott

Everyone keeps a dark secret. That’s what Amber Reed realizes when her boyfriend Aidan turns her into a vampire against her will. When something goes terribly wrong and her friend disappears, the clock is ticking, the walls are closing in on Amber, and the stakes are getting higher as she finds herself the pawn in an ancient war between three powerful races fighting for supremacy.

Amber is about to find out who Aidan really is…and the secret is nothing she ever imagined.


What People Are Saying:

“This book was soooo good that it took me by surprise! It was a perfect mix of comedy, drama, action, teenage angst, and paranormal that I couldn’t get enough of. Not to mention the fact that Jayde Scott always leaves you with a suspense filled cliffhanger at the end of every chapter leaving you not being able…

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If you’ve attended one of my seminars on publishing, then you’ve undoubtedly heard me yap about the three essential books every writer and aspiring author should have in their libraries.

If you haven’t attended one of my seminars (which is highly likely as I only average perhaps one or at most two per year), then let me bend your ear now and yap about the three essential books.

Essential Book No. 1 – A Good Dictionary

The foundation of any writer’s library has to be a good dictionary. My recommendation is to acquire one of the foundational dictionaries published by Oxford University Press.  Follow that up with any specialized dictionaries you might need, but remember to make liberal use of the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary (20 volumes, 21,728 pages, not counting supplement updates) that is available at the nearest library.

My dictionary of choice is the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

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