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Tips to Prevent Computer Fraud

Posted: May 30, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Website Tips & Tricks

Tips And Tricks...

  1. Torlock Torlock is special. These folks actually pay their users commission for uncovering fake torrents and reporting it to their community. In a world of phony files, this is a tremendous service. If you are a regular downloader, and are tired of wasted downloads and fraudulent files, give Torlock a try.
  2. Isohunt is a longtime site that has earned both the respect of P2P users everywhere…and the negative attention of the recording industry. While being sued by the CRIA, the Isohunt team continues to provide solid service. The Isohunt community monitors itself for fake files. When choosing your torrents, read the user comments, and only trust those files that have earned multiple green positive replies at Isohunt. Avoid any torrents that have red font numbers and negative comments, and you should be have good experiences at Isohunt. NOTE: adult advertising has become very prevalent at Isohunt, but if you…

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