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Posted: April 14, 2012 by HACKERSROAD in Mobile Tips & Tricks


Friends if you want to read massages of friends mobile without opening and without knowing him then here is the trick
1) when you see any new massage in your/other mobile then don’t open it.
2)go to inbox, you will see this massage is unread massage
i.e. You will see envelop symbol
3) go to option and select forward option, now you can read all massage 4) don’t forward it to anyone, just select exit and you will see the massage is till unread i.e. Envelop symbol. Thats it

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How to hide foldersin Nokia /Java Phones?

Hi friends this is cool trick to hide the folders in Nokia or any Java supported mobiles. The special about this trick is that no softwares needed to hide the folder.

Hide the Folder:

Step 1:

… Did you decide which folder you want to hide ? If you say yes,then rename that folder and add “.jad” extension to that folder.

For eg: if you want to hide the”Videos” folder.  then rename it as “Videos.jad”.

Got it?

Step 2:

Now  create another folder with that folder name but with “.jar” extension.

For eg:


That’s all your Videos.jad folder is now hidden.  Only the Videos.jar folder is visible.

Unhide the Folder:

To unhide the folder.jar  just delete or remove  the folder which ends with “.jar” extension.

For Eg:

I hide the Videos.jad foder. Videos.jar folder is visible. If i delete the videos.jar folder,then…

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Gamez, Gadgets and Technology- right here right now

Have you ever faced the following situation— You have lost your mobile number, You have no balance in your account, you can neither make calls nor message, You’re SUCKED OFF!!

In this situation, you can do two things:

1. You can go to retailer’s shop, buy a Recharge Voucher, recharge your phone yourself and make a call, Retrieve your number. 

Butttttt, being a smart dude…, you can do something better than this…. Follow the Second Procedure

2. Dial the numbers from your phone….

(a) For Vodafone — Dial *111*2# or *555#

(b) For Reliance GSM— Dial *1#

(c) For Aircel— Dial *888# or *1#

(d) For Docomo— Dial *1# or *124#

(e) For Virgin GSM— Dial *1#

(f) For IDEA— Dial *789#

(g) For Airtel— Dial *140*1600# or *140*6575#

The Numbers may vary from Zone to Zone… Try both numbers out……

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